Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life in Sydney...beyond Westfield, Merivale and Pie Face

It's been nearly 2 years! My blog is still here, it didn't just fall off the face of the earth...I can't believe it! It's a beautiful day in Sydney today - mid winter, the sun is shining, last time I checked my phone it was heading towards 22 degrees celsius - if you're in Sydney and you've survived the recent rain and winds you will understand how good I am feeling right now.

So much has happened...I started working more, I learned a lot more about photography, I decided to go back to uni and do my Master of Development studies - full time, so I was busy. It's hard to believe that I am already done, that I've turned the last page of another chapter of my life and am just getting a feel for the next one.

I've been thinking a lot recently about the Localist, why I lost my stride and what's inspiring me now. I still love fashion and individual style and am constantly inspired by the people around me every day. One thing that I have particularly loved since moving to Sydney in early 2008 is exploring this amazing city - I'm not talking about its obvious attractions like the harbour, the beaches in the eastern suburbs and the lower north shore, although I'm in no way denying how amazing these places are. I'm talking about the cultural diversity of the city, particularly as you trek further out west, all the little shops, cafes, restaurants, markets and street fairs that still thrive despite the forward march of the chains and the multinationals. I love tracking things down because I am convinced that, if it exists, I can find it here in Sydney, or I'll be able to soon as the city expands each day and more people from all over the world make this city home.

My new idea for the Localist is this: in addition to street style (I'll still be on the lookout!), this blog is going to be an alternative, off the beaten track guide to Sydney for the wandering local or the adventurous tourist, either real or virtual, who recognises that it's well worth venturing beyond Circular Quay (note to local council/state government - might be worth improving the infrastructure beyond the city circle as well?? Last week I witnessed a whole bunch of bewildered tourists trying to figure out where they were on a train with no station announcements and a station with no visible name - this was Newtown under renovation!!). Public transport grievances aside, it's not all bad, and sometimes the best way to get around this place is by jumping on a train or bus.

So while Pie Faces seem to be popping up everywhere, Justin Hemmes expands the Merivale empire and Westfield takes over the CBD, I'll be focusing on the small and local, the people, fashion, shops, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, businesses, events, the natural beauty - all the things that make Sydney unique and definitely worth exploring!

Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to check in on the Localist every now and then over the last couple of years. Hopefully this change in direction won't scare you off and maybe you'll even drop by again, whether you're in the neighbourhood or on the other side of the world, to explore Sydney with me.

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