Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Achtung Sydney - the Concordia Club gets its groove on

So you've seen the Opera House, climbed the Harbour Bridge, frolicked around at Bondi. Now of course you're wondering - where in Sydney can I go to do the chicken dance? To devour a mammoth pork knuckle while drinking German beers and watching croquet?

In the 3 and a half years since I came to Sydney and started venturing into its quirky neighbourhoods, I had, until last weekend, been oblivious to the Concordia Club. Shame on me...this place has been around since 1883! First in Stanmore, now in Tempe (train station's right across the road -easy), I think the Concordia Club, its hearty German fair, its dancing patrons, its croquet comp buzz, gave me a little gift which I could call Sunday afternoon 'contentment'. It's the sort of place you can go to and forget about all those insecurities that can plague you in a city obsessed with the body beautiful and being seen at the latest 'it' small bar.

It's all about Germany here, so order your beverages, line up for your sausages or pork knuckle, take a seat outside and just relax. Best to save some room for dessert though - there are some tasty looking cakes in a little cake shop too...and German groceries...and a guy selling German deli foods. They've got it covered.

And don't forget to buy a raffle ticket. If you're lucky like me, you might just win some of those German deli treats....

My haul!

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