Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How dependent I've become....

Bad news for 14 month old sony vaio laptop has died....even the IT guy at my work has no idea - it's an unidentifiable Windows Vista issue!

Of course I haven't backed up for a while either. That's a whole other issue...

Hence the lack of posts. I'm still shooting though so fingers crossed my laptop recovers from this mysterious illness and I can share what I've been up to.


  1. Oh no! So sad to hear about your laptop! :(

    Off topic, but thanks for dropping by my blog & for your lovely comment! When/where did you live in Brazil? And aren't Brigadeiro's SO yummy?


  2. I SO feel your pain!! My PC decided that it needed a little R&R last week as the hard drive was almost full! The computer guy wasn't even sure how the computer was still running.....luckily he was able to fix it without having to wipe and re-install everything.I would have had a brain freeze if it had come to that :) So glad you got everything sorted Ms Localist!


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